Disclaimer: This is not sponsored.Some links are affiliated so I do recieve a very small commission, however the prices on the product do not go up higher and my opinons are 100% my own! 

So I have recently tried the products in this photo above from the brand Ouai! I posted a video on my channel when I purchased the products but does not have a full review so I will do that now!

Ouai Dry Foam Shampoo

– I immediately fell in love with this product and I am not exaggerating! Not only does it make my hair look and feel clean but also gives me lots of volume! It gets rid of all the oil and product buildup without leaving a white cast! Its gives my hair a nice smell that I can get hints of throughout the day! I even use this on my daughter! There is a regular spray version but I personally perfer the Foam version!:)

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

–  So to be honest this is the one I have used the least but when I have its great! It claims to be part hairspray and part dry shampoo! It does give my hair volume and texture! It also has a nice scent with notes white musk, italian bergamot, and water lily!

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

– My Favorite! I use this constantly that I am always running out of it, and finding myself purchasing it again and again! It has alot of good nutrients for your hair! It leaves mine feeling soft and hydrated with a shine that iluminates it! Its like a highlight for your hair!:)

Ouai Wave Spray–  Gives you hair a beachy, messy, undone hair look! The way I use this is by braiding my hair the night before and in the morning I take out the braid and us this all over my hair! It makes the curl look more beachy and gives it a little hold (but without the sticky feeling) throughout the day! 

Ouai Finishing Creme– I use this everytime after I wash my hair or before I use any heat on my hair! This creme helps protect from heat damage and repairs dry ends! I like to think of it as another highlight for you hair because it also gives you the shine! 

Ouai Soft Mousse– I use this on my daughter as well as myself! I love it because it give a light hold without the sticky feeling. Great for curls when you want that soft touchable hair!

There are a few more items that they have recently came out with that I have been dying to try! So if any of you have tried the memory mist spray or the smoothing spray let  me know what your thoughts are on them and if you would recommend them!

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