Sparkle with the new #GlitterMask

So I recently received this mask in the mail and immediately had to try it! I have heard so many great things about it.

First thing I will mention is that I love the fact that this mask comes with a mini brush to apply the mask. Thank You Glamglow! Most mask do not come with a brush and the fact that this one does is a MAJOR plus in my book, and it’s a good brush! 

This product is more of a liquidy consistency. Was not sure how it would apply, but actually had no trouble at all. It initially felt very cooling and with any tightening mask it started to feel a little tighter once the mask started drying. You want to make sure you let it completely dry in order for it to peel in one piece! 

I personally set a timer for 30 minutes to make sure it dried up completely! Then peeled it off in one piece! My skin felt very relaxed, smooth,and firm! I have only tried this mask twice so I would not be able to tell you if within time it does do what it claims to do, but with only my second time my skin feels smoother!  For me personally it did not dry my face or make me breakout, but I always moisturize my face after I put a mask on anyways! 

This is a great mask to have but it can be a bit expensive. If you are still hesitant to buy the full size which retails for $69 I would definitely recommend buying the travel size which retails for about $20 and then you can make a decision as to whether its worth buying the full size! 

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored! Some links are affiliated so I do recieve a very small commission, however the prices on the product do not go up higher and my opinons are 100% my own! 

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